Advanced Solutions for Industrial Applications

Anion Performance Chemicals has developed technologically-advanced solutions for numerous site-specific industrial applications. Offering melting lubricant bars, kiln trunnion, dryer and mill lubricants, graphite blocks, and nano-based resurfacing solutions for mechanical applications, as well as services performed by our industry experts, Anion Performance Chemicals is a leading supplier of specialty lubricants and chemicals to the pulp and paper, cement, lime, and mineral processing industries.

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Our products are designed to be environmentally responsible yet effective for their intended purpose.

Environmentally Responsible and Effective

Your Livelihood - Our Children's Environment - They Both Count

Our vegetable oils are obtained from renewable resources and are biodegradable. Thus, they offer specific environmental and economic sustainability benefits over mineral oil-based lubricants.

Our Eco-Tek products are environmentally responsible lubricants that are formulated from renewable agricultural plant resources. They should be especially used where low toxicity and biodegradability properties are required.

Full Environmental Statement

Can You Afford Down Time?

Waiting for equipment to break down before you service it can result in more down time and affect your bottom line.

Around the world, plant managers are finding out about the benefits of proactive, predictive or preventative maintenance. Taking a more proactive approach to maintenance reduces down time, can reduce energy and operational costs and in some cases can actually extend the life of your equipment.

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Can you afford plant down-time?
Predictive, Proactive and Preventive Plant Maintenance Solutions

Our Product Lines

We offer progressive industrial solutions to improve efficiency and keep maintenance costs down.

All of our offerings are safe for your equipment, safe for your personnel and safe for the environment.

Spray & Solid Bar Lubrication


Nano-Based Resurfacing Solutions

Industrial Descalers

Clean Scale Buildup with Anion D'Scale

Scale could be causing deposits on your equipment and costing you money in breakdowns, unplanned shutdowns, process contamination, high product reject rate, expensive parts replacements etc..

Anion D'Scale rapidly dissolves mineral scale, improves efficiency, lowers cost, conserves energy and extends the life of cleaned equipment.

The Bottom Line: Saves Time and Money

Prevents costly shutdowns
Prevents expensive repairs
Reduces energy and operational costs
Extends the lifespan of equipment

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Extend the Life of Your Gears with Rewitec


Rewitec is a surface treatment based on Silicate ion implantation which builds coating with ceramic characteristics. Rewitec coats, protects and reconditions new and worn out metal surfaces.

Benefits of Rewitec

Treated machines operate with less surface stress
Restores geometry of worn parts
Doubles the service life of mechanical equipment
Increases efficiencies by up to 10%
Higher load carrying capacity
Avoids mechanical related downtime
Possibility for higher loads and speed in machines

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Protect Your Machinery with Our Lubricants


Anion WS 5300 Synthetic Kiln Trunnion and Mill Bearing Lubricants are recommended for high pressure and/or high temperature kiln trunnion and mill bearings. The Anion WS 5300 Series offers better wear protection, greater thermal stability, enhanced oxidation stability, and reduced sludge and deposit formations.

Benefits of Anion Bearing Fluid

Long Service Life and Lower Maintenance Costs
Easy Cleanup
Excellent Materials Compatibility
High Viscosity Indexes
Low Pour Points

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